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Michael Jackson's 911 Call

Michael Jackson’s 911 Call

Michael Jackson is reported to have been found on his bed with a weak pulse and not breathing by his doctor. The doctor attempted to resusitate Michael Jackson with CPR it is reported. When another person in Michael’s bedroom made the emergency call to 911.

Here is an audio of the 911 released by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

I was wondering about this emergency call. You wouldn’t say you need help for Michael Jackson. They would think it was a prank 911 call. So it’s interesting to see how this person, who was making the call in the same bedroom with Michael Jackson and his doctor.

I was surprised to hear that the doctor was tring to resusitate Michael on the bed instead of immediately placing him on the floor. This is a harder surface than a soft bed mattress and its far easier to control the pressure used in CPR. CPR can be very punishing to the patient who usually ends up with broken ribs. My step father and apparently Michael Jackson ended up with broken ribs from CPR too.

Sad thinking that Michael had probably just passed away when this call was made.

What are you thoughts?

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 Posted on : July 1, 2009 - Last updated on Sep 19, 2014

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