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Katy Perry Elmo Sesame Street Cleavage Boobs

Katy Perry’s act with Elmo in Sesame Street showed too much cleavage. It’s an outrage!

Katy Perry received some backlash when a video of her performing a cleaned up version of Hot ‘N’ Cold with Elmo on Sesame Street was posted on YouTube. Producers of Sesame Street decided to subsequently remove that video from the upcoming Sesame Street New Years Eve TV episode. Katy’s vuluptuous cleavage was considered too much for young eyes.

Watch it yourself and let us know if you think it should be banned from showing on Sesame Street?

We can certainly see Katy Perry has a great cleavage to show off. But it did anger some people that considered it was not appropriate to show young toddlers, who many themselves has been recently weened off mom’s breast, Katy’s great assets on a kid’s TV show.

Keep in mind we don’t actually see her cleavage directly. Katy’s chest is covered by a flesh toned mesh.

Personally I think Katy looks great in any outfit. And this one she wore for Sesame Street certainly isnt sleazy. It’s just dressups afterall people.

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 Posted on : October 14, 2009 - Last updated on Sep 19, 2014

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