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3 girls kiss Oktoberfest 2009

3 girls in Drindl and one gives a kiss at Oktoberfest 2009

When I think of Oktoberfest I think of girls, Dirndl, beer and Lederhosen. Oktoberfest for 2010 is already underway since last Saturday and millions are on their annual pilgrim to this famous Bavarian Festival in Munich.

The traditional Dirndl dress consists of a bodice, blouse, full skirt and apron which is worn in Southern Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria and Italian South Tirol. Drindl used to refer to a young girl or woman in Bavaria. Now you also see drindls been worn at any German festival around the world. Like the popular annual Adelaide Schutzenfest in Australia.

Don’t these young ladies present their Drindl dresses in such an appealing way? Beer, cleavage, a bit of low cut bodice. Just ideal for Oktoberfest frivolity. But one problem there girls. You should’ve made sure you had a tan all over. We can clearly see that you have received a bit of sun but had your breasts covered by a bikini top or blouse. Hence the uneven complexion. The cute kiss for her friend makes for an interesting shot though.

On that basis this trilogy of drindl and beer festivity get a rating of 4.

Work on that even tan girls for next time at the Oktoberfest and we would all be happy to reassess our ratings. Fashion is the whole package. Not just the dress. What do you think?

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 Posted on : September 24, 2010 - Last updated on Jul 25, 2014

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