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Oktoberfest girls dirndl beer

Oktoberfest girls Nikki and Brittney dressed in dirndls with a stein of beer

The Oktoberfest 2014 Beer Festival was celebrated in the beer halls and marquees in Munich, Germany. Running from late September to early October over 6.3 million visitors attended the Oktoberfest, one of the biggest fairs in the World. Men and women from all over the globe dress up in traditional German fashion.

The girls love to dress up in the dirndl outfit consisting of skirt, bodice, blouse and apron.

Guys opt for the Lederhosen (leather shorts) especially when they’re doing the traditional slap dance.

Dirndls for summer come in bright colours, especially with fabrics of white, light blue, green and brown. The common blue and white dirndls are based on the German state colours of Bavaria. Most summer style dirndls are bright and light, and made from cotton, or synthetics for cheaper outfits.


Oktoberfest girls dirndl beer

Prost! Cheers! Bottoms Up! Gorgeous blonde girls celebrate Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest is not only known for consuming massive amounts of German beer each year. But also a place where men wearing their Lederhosen (leather shorts) celebrate the festival with girls and women clad in traditional German dirndls or costume dress.


Oktoberfest girls dirndl beer

Oktoberfest waitress in dirndl costume carrying large steins of beer

The Oktoberfest 2014 is now history and officials call it a “relaxed autumn-Wiesn with a grand finale”. About 6.3 million guests from Munich and all over the world visited the world’s largest annual fair.


Oktoberfest girls dirndl beer

Note how happy the guys look amongst these dirndl clad Oktoberfest girls

So Oktoberfest 2014 was not going to be any different when huge crowds of locals and tourists descended into Munich to celebrate the brewer’s beverages and beauties.


Oktoberfest girls dirndl beer

More beer! More beer! This Oktoberfest beauty with plaited braids loves her German brew dirndl beer

There you go! Oktoberfest 2014 was set to be a great beer festival attended by many lovely girls in traditional dirndl dresses.

Oktoberfest Girls Dressed In Dirndls Part 2

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