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Oktoberfest 3 Girls in Dirndl

Three voluptuous Oktoberfest girls in Dirndl share a kiss

The 177th Oktoberfest for 2010 is well underway in Munich, Germany. The beer (or bier as they say in Deutschland) is flowing, the Ompah bands are playing, and gorgeous tanned girls in traditonal dirndl are in abundance.

This pic of three gorgeous Bavarian beauties playing it up for the viewers with a kiss to their girlfriend represents what many love about this old traditional German festival. Great tanned voluptuous women in sexy festive costumes doing what they do best: girls just wanting to have fun.

The embroidery on the dirndl blouses of the two girls on the right adds a quality touch to their outfit.

Great effort girls. Love the kisses too. I rate this 4.5 stars.

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 Posted on : September 30, 2010 - Last updated on Jul 25, 2014

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