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Australian Commonwealth Games Uniform 2010

Jess Rothwell, Vannara Be, Sean Wroe, Leisel Jones, Georgia Bonora and Farzad Tarash in uniform.

Aussie Commonwealth Games uniforms have been unveiled in Melbourne just prior to the Games in Dehli in October 2010. Green, orange and grey. Bleh! What happened to the classic Aussie Gold and Green?

These uniforms also got the  thumbs down from fashion editor Edwina McCann, from Harper’s Bazaar, who was among the first to critique the uniforms. “They’re just way too bright.”

“But apart from the colours what I find most odd about these uniforms is that they’ve mixed corporate suiting with things like polo shirts and short sleeved shirts with ties.”

What do you think of these Aussie Commonwealth Games uniforms? Thumbs up or down?

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 Posted on : September 4, 2010 - Last updated on Jul 25, 2014

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