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Paris Hilton Denise Richards

Paris Hilton and Denise Richards have something in common

Paris Hilton and Denise Richards share something in common, besides being blonde. Have you guessed it?

Besides sharing both being famous, Denise and Paris also share the same birthday on February 17. Happy Birthday girls, for yesterday.

Just for laughs their horoscope reveals that Aquarians are independent and eccentric. Aquarius celebrities create brilliant ideas out of thin air, and will work absent-mindedly in the physics lab while forgetting to shower. This sign loves spending time with friends (hey Paris you party animal). But can be emotionally distant when it comes to one-on-one intimacy (oh Denise I thought Charlie Sheen was the unemotional one).

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 Posted on : February 18, 2009 - Last updated on Sep 16, 2014

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