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Liz Hurley Melbourne Airport

Liz Hurley arrives at Melbourne Airport and still looks hot after a long flight

Elizabeth Hurley British actress and model arrived in Australia to catch up with her new romantic interest former Australian cricketer Shane Warne. The Spin King himself.

Here we see bikini babe Liz in her casual attire still looking hot and sexy after a long flight from the Middle East. No doubt a stopover from her home in the UK.

She flew in last week at Melbourne Airport from Abu Dhabi and headed straight to Wanre’s pad in Brighton that he once shared with his ex-wife Simone Callahan. Not to a hotel she would have normally used for accommodation.

At least they have something in common. The both have lucked out in their previous marriages.

Liz Hurley Melbourne

Liz Hurley at Melbourne Airport on her way to visit Shane Warne

Workers were busy at Warnie’s Brighton mansion before Liz’s arrival, but they obviously weren’t there early enough to clean up the text messages to porn star 26 year old Chloe Conrad. As reports of Warnie’s barrage of texts to Chloe while romancing Elizabeth emerge, Liz has left Melbourne this Tuesday to go back to the UK. Some say this short affair is over. While others say she’s just going back to her son Damien in London.

Has love prevailed over lust? Time will tell.

Anyway she will return to Melbourne to play as the cougar in The Graduate. Hopefully that will keep Liz Hurley busy and out of trouble with the bad boys.

She does look very nice in this beige outfit. Although the animal folk won’t be too happy with the fur she’s holding. Maybe its faux fur. Anyway, sexy, sultry Liz gets 5 stars in her casual fashion sense.

Liz Hurley Shane Warne Melbourne

Liz Hurley to catch up with Shane Warne in Melbourne

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