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Katy Perry Sesame Street 2010

Katy Perry shows Elmo some cleavage on Sesame Street

Oh what is the world coming to when entertainers like Katy Perry can’t reveal some womanly cleavage on a kids show?

I’m sure you’ve seen her video version of Hot ‘N’ Cold with Elmo on Sesame Street. And heard how it had been pulled from Sesame Street’s New Years Eve show after it was aired on Youtube and people complained about Katy’s outfit. All because showing your cleavage on a kid’s show is deemed inappropriate.

Comments I’ve read mainly suggest that she should have covered up a bit more. But other’s feel that toddlers don’t think of cleavage and women’s breasts the same way that adults or pubescent teens do.

Anyway this canary yellow and shimmering dress is low cut. But have you noticed there is actually a flesh colored mesh covering her chest and famous cleavage?

Do you also realise that Elmo has been appearing naked for all of these years too? Hmmm naughty Elmo.

Keep in mind Katy Perry is an ample bosomed young woman who knows how to present here assets to her audience. And she is cute and looks delicious in most of her costumes. I rate this 4 stars (if it was not a kid’s show and she lost the mesh maybe a bit more).

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 Posted on : October 14, 2010 - Last updated on Jul 25, 2014

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