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Katy Perry Firework Dresses

Katy Perry gets fired up in the Firework video with two dresses

The beautiful Katy Perry has just released her latest single, Firework from her Teenage Dream album. Katy wears two different outfits for the Firework music video which is her favorite single from this album. These dresses are very subdued in color compared to Katy’s other costumes in her previous music videos. No doubt to match the desatuarated color of the video to apparently emphasize the bright colors of the fireworks that explode from her chest and those people she connects with.

Also a departure from previous dresses where she shows off her ample cleavage and skin, the light material of these outfits certainly cover it up. But still it looks great on Katy.

I just wonder if Katy Perry wore one of these dresses on the recent shoot for sesame street the video wouldn’t have been banned for apparently exposing too much cleavage.

Katy Perry looks great in these two dresses although not as colorful and raunchy as previous music videos. I rate it 4 stars. What would you rate them?

Here’s the official video for Firework of the Teenage Dream album:

Newly wed Katy recently said, “Everybody can be a firework. It’s just all about you igniting the spark inside of you.” I’m sure Russell Brand will agree with Katy Perry on that.

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 Posted on : November 8, 2010 - Last updated on Jul 25, 2014

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