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George Clooney

George Clooney back in ER

George Clooney is back shooting today and tomorrow some secret scenes for the final season of ER.

Clooney was in the orginal cast of ER when the series began in 15 years ago in 1994. It appears he will be reprising his role as Dr Doug Ross for one last episode.

The secret two day shoot is being filmed on the Warner Bros. set in LA. Only a few actors and cast members will be let on set. And mobile phones are banned. So dont expect any snippets on Youtube shortly.

Look forward to this last season. Are you looking forward to seeing George Clooney in ER one last time? The secret two day shoot is being filmed on the Warner Bros. set in LA.

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 Posted on : January 24, 2009 - Last updated on Sep 16, 2014

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