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Crystal Harris Hugh Hefner Engaged

Crystal Harris out with her new fiancee Hugh Hefner

Crystal Harris at the tender age of 24 has recently become engaged to Playboy Entrepreneur, Hugh Hefner who is 84. Men around the world maybe saying “what luck for the old bugger”. But rest assurred these Playboy bunnies are not only very attractive looking but also great gold diggers. Most men couldn’t afford their expensive demands. But it doesn’t stop us checking out their attire.

Hugh Hefner is a very smart man and I’m sure he had stylists employed to ensure these young money-grabbing-fame-hungry girls don’t parade around the sacred Playboy Mansion looking like a pack of white trash crack whores. Which some/many/all would if he was to give them free reign of their wardrobes.

So through some research I found that Crystal Harris is always styled and dressed well for the occassion. Nothing trashy about her “Playboy Wardrobe”. Her two toned evening dress in this photo is styled and hangs on her very well. Tastefully displaying her ample cleavage while remaining elegant.

I rate Crystal’s dress 5 stars. What do you think of it?

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 Posted on : January 4, 2011 - Last updated on Jul 25, 2014

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