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Pinup Star Carmen Miranda

Tah-dah!! Pinup Star Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda (1909-1955) was a beautiful, talented, vivacious, colourful, and amazing Portuguese born Brazilian samba singer, dancer, Broadway actress and filmstar.

Born in the town of Marco de Canavezes, Portugal, Carmen Miranda’s family moved to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil when Carmen was very young. So she became a stunning Brazilian performer on stage and screen and very popular from the late 1920s to the 1950s. Today she is also considered somewhat of a pinup girl given her flamboyant costumes and vintage fashion. Including her famous headpieces of fruit. Especially my favourite, bananas!

Did you know that Carmen Miranda was born Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha, and her birthday is on February 9, 1909. It’s amazing to think she would be 106 years old if she were alive today.

Pinup Star Carmen Miranda

Pinup Star Carmen Miranda

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 Posted on : April 23, 2015 - Last updated on May 7, 2015

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