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Oktoberfest Girls Dirndl Dress Fashion Beer

Curvy Women love to show off their Oktoberfest Dirndl fashion with a sleeveless blouse.

The traditional dirdnl worn mainly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, is made up of several parts. Obviously there’s the skirt or dress depending on the season, and the apron. However a good bodice and often blouse combination can really hit the fashion mark.

A white frilly blouse is typically worn under a curvy and firm fitting bodice. For a girl with a medium to large bust, she can get a blouse that accentuates the cleavage of her breasts.

The bodice provides shape to her stomach and hips, and support for her breasts. In fact provide uplift for her breasts too to get the best effect as we see in these pics.

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 Posted on : October 23, 2014 - Last updated on May 8, 2015

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