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Oktoberfest Girls Dirndl Dresses Beer

Is it the Oktoberfest, voluptuos dirndls or the beer that makes the girls so flirty?

The Oktoberfest held every September and October in Munich attracts people from all over the World. Many stunning and attractive young women love to attend in groups dressed to the hilt in Traditional German Dirndl dresses. Highlighting their dirndls with German jewellry. Bracelets and necklaces with Germanic charms.

Meeting in the beer halls and marquees of the Oktoberfest to laugh, sing, dance, drink German beer and eat German cuisine. Frankly it’s one of the biggest parties celebrating the traditional quirks of German life. Like drinking beer from massive beer steins while dressed in dirndl skirts, bodices and aprons.

Oktoberfest girls dirndl beer

Pouts and kisses from a group of Oktoberfest girls waering tradional irndls

Some girls come even more prepared and with their long hair, style them into braids which are often pinned up around their heads. Braided hair just gives the overall costume a more authentic German feel. Especially as everyone is celebrating a festival of beer, eating, dancing and singing.

Oktoberfest girls dirndl kissing

Next minute they are giving their beautiful girl in dirndl a sweet kiss

Oen moment the pretty girls at teh Oktoberfest are pouting for a picture. The next minute two of them are kissing their sweet coy friend. Oktoberfest is one big social event. No doubt after a few brews the girls are very friendly with each other. It just adds some spice to the frivolity and festive nature of the huge German Oktoberfest. Muncih certainly puts on a good show.

Oktoberfest girls dirndl kiss

Another girl in dirndl gets a friendly Oktoberfest kiss while her friend looks eagerly on

Everywhere you look you see young women in traditional dirndl dresses, blouses and aprons having a great time. A kiss for a sweet friend while drinking beer seems to be quite normal at the Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest girls dirndl friends

A couple of young ladies take a break during a hectic Oktoberfest

After all the socialising, eating, drinking beer and dancing to tradional German songs, it’s great for the girls and women at Oktoberfest to sit down with friends and take a break.

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