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We’re Back: Doing Fashion is Now An Open Vein

An Open Vein Pinup Style
After a very long break Doing Fashion is back as An Open Vein to keep you up to date with fashion. In particular keeping you up to date with retro and vintage fashion styles. This includes clothing, hairstyles and makeup of pinup girls, movie stars and other performers from yesteryear to today. Also the popular Rockabilly fashion styles based on the 1950's rock'n'roll theme.
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Michael Jackson’s 911 Call

Michael Jackson's 911 Call
I was wondering about this emergency call. You wouldn't say you need help for Michael Jackson. They would think it was a prank 911 call.
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Megan Fox is Single

Megan Fox Brian Austin Green Split
Transformer's star Megan Fox (23) has dumped Brian Austin Green (35) after having a five year relationship with Brian since she was 18. "He's always going to be a really good friend of mine."
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The Susan Boyle Trifecta

Susan Boyle
It's was two months ago in April when Scottish spinster Susan Boyle appeared in front of the world on Britain's Got Talent.
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Heath Ledger Wins Oscar

Heath Ledger
"Why so serious?" Heath Ledger won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at the 2009 Oscars for his magnificent role in Dark Knight. There was hardly a dry eye in the theatre.
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Happy Birthday John Travolta

John Travolta Jett Travolta
It's John Travolta's birthday today and he is 55 years old. Can you believe it? How time flies. Didn't seem that long ago that Travolta was on the big screen with Grease and Saturday Night Fever.
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Watch Lots of Online Movies

Blockbuster Online Movies
It may be great to find over 80,000 movie titles at a variety of online movie pay sites or free sites. These days you can get total movie access online.
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