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Paris Fashion Week 2011 - Big Frills

Don’t Stand So Close to Me and my Frilly Frock

The Spring and Summer fashion collections by big names such as Valentino and Luis Vuitton showcase their latest designs at Fashion Week 2011 in Paris earlier this year.

However you can also find totally bizarre costumes that could be best described as art worn by underfed models strutting the Parisian catwalks in front of an amazed and curious audience. That’s what makes Paris Fashion Week so awesome.

I had to show you a gallery preview of just some of these amazing over-the-top designs that not too many would wear out in public unless maybe your name is Lady Gaga. But you would have to accessorize it with a blonde wig, dark sunglasses and luscious ruby red lips.

The hectic schedule of international fashion weeks starts in New York, then London and Milan, and ends in Paris. This happens twice a year for the Autumn/ Winter and Spring/ Summer collections.

You have to admit these creations deserve 5 stars for creativity. Forget about functionality. What fashion lover wants to look familiar and boring anyway?

Here’s some more pics of the bizarre fashions at Paris fashion Week 2011.

Paris Fashion Week 2011

“Ground Control to Major Tom” Is that an antenna on your head?

Paris Fashion Week 2011

“Now you see it, now you don’t” Partly see-through outfit at Paris Fashion Week 2011

Paris Fashion Week 2011

Wired Up for fashion at the Paris Fashion Week 2011

Paris Fashion Week 2011 - Snakes

Snakes Alive! From Snakes on a Plane to Snakes on a Dress.

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 Posted on : July 17, 2011 - Last updated on Jan 14, 2015

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