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Until 2014 this website was on DoingFashion.com. Now here at AnOpenVein.com we bring you the F word in Fashion. You will find all the F words about Fashion showing you fashion pics and quips.

AnOpenVein gives you:

  • Famous – cerlebrity fashions from the red carpet, on set fashion, to everday celebrity fashion
  • Flirty – naughty, cheeky, down right dirty, but always flirty fashion to brighten your day
  • Frumpy – frumpy, daggy, bad taste fashion. Red neck, bogan and out of fashion attireyou won’t believe people would wear
  • Family – what were they thinking??? Very awkward family photo session that sometimes are better lost and forgotten. But we like to look. Lots of 80s classics in family bad taste clothing.
  • Fail – Fashion Fails that will make you cringe.
  • Pinups – Gorgeous retro and vintage pinup fashion. From Bettie Page to Dita Von Teese. Vintage dresses, skirts, blouses, models, movie stars, and images from a bygone era many are reliving today.

AnOpenVein is owned and managed by First Wave Media. Our staff and team of editors and contributors will endeavour to bring to you the latest fashion pics and tips. We hope you enjoy your stay here. Don’t forget to join our RSS feed or subscribe to our AnOpenVein updates and get the latest F Word on Fashion!

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 Posted on : July 8, 2009 - Last updated on Feb 13, 2015
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